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2018 Accountability Ratings- Friona ISD

2018 Accountability Ratings- Primary

2018 Accountability Ratings- Elementary

2018 Accountability Ratings- Junior High

2018 Accountability Ratings- High School

Texas Acadmeic Performance Report- Friona ISD PowerPoint

Texas Academic Performance Report- Friona ISD

Texas Academic Performance Report- Primary

Texas Academic Performance Report- Elementary

Texas Academic Performance Report- Junior High

Texas Academic Performance Report- High School

Performance Rating District

Definitions of Peformance Rating

School Report Card- Primary

School Report Card- Elementary

School Report Card- Junior High

School Report Card- High School

Graduation Plans

Superintendent’s Contract

Community and Student Engagement

District Innovation Plan

State Report Card- District

Federal Report Card

Federal Report Card- District

Primary Federal Report Card

Elementary Federal Report Card

Junior High Federal Report Card

High School Federal Report Card

District Improvement Plan

Primary Campus Improvement Plan

Elementary Campus Improvement Plan

Junior High Campus Improvement Plan

High School Campus Improvement


2016-2017 Financial Integrity Ratings

2015-2016 Financial Integrity Ratings

2014-2015 Financial Integrity Ratings

Debt Transparency Report as of August 31, 2018

Debt Transparency Report as of August 31, 2017

Debt Transparency Report as of August 31, 2016

Current Utilities

Tax Rate Trend Information

Property Owners Bill of Rights

2018-2019 Actual Budget

2018-2019 Proposed Budget

2017-18 Actual Budget

2017-18 Proposed Budget

2016-17 Actual Budget

2016-17 Proposed Budget

2015-16 Actual Budget

2015-16 Proposed Budget

2014-15 Actual Budget

2014-15 Proposed Budget

2017 Tax Resolution

2017-18 Grants Management (EDGAR)


Deadline to File Application Special Election 2018

Deadline to File Application General Election 2018

Order of Special Election 2018

Order of General Election 2018


Immunization Information

SHAC Report 2018


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Employee Handbook


College Credit Programs

Amarillo College MOU

South Plains College MOU

Physical Activity Policies

Home Schooled Student Testing

Transition and Employement Guide for Special Education Students

McKinney Vento

G/T Plan

Dyslexia Policies

Primary Student Handbook

Elementary Student Handbook

Junior High Student Handbook

High School Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

Statement of Non-Discrimination for Career Tech Classes





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Contact Information

Friona ISD
909 E. 11th St.
Friona, Texas 79035

Central Office Hours 

8:00 - 4:00, Monday - Friday

Phone: 1-806-250-2747
Fax: 1-806-250-3805