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Technology TEKS

  • Beginner: Use the TEKS Resource System to find a project that has already been created and vetted.
  • Advanced: Create a project on your own.

Suggestion: Start with the projects already created for you on TRS.  As you work with these projects and see what works with your teaching style and your students you will be AMAZED at the ideas you come up with. Trust me, I’ve been watching it happen and it is AWESOME!

Use this template to print and fill out by hand.  You can print the two pages front and back and have it ready to write on at any time.   This template can be filled out in Microsoft Word.  You can then print it after it is complete or continue to use Word to fill in the form.   This is a link to a shared OneNote Notebook with the template on two pages.  This is for heavy OneNote users and is meant to be used online. If you wish to print the form, the pages are set up to do so.


Now before you start to PANIC, let’s go over the “rules” so to speak…

  • Rule #1:  You DON’T have to start big, but you do have to START! Find something you are comfortable with and just DO it!
  • Rule #2: Make mistakes… start over.  It’s all good, I promise! Here’s a secret… That’s what the kids do!  They play with Technology and figure out what works and what doesn’t.  And if something doesn’t work they try again!
  • Rule #3: NO ONE is asking you to stop YOUR class and teach Technology! We are asking you to let your students EXPLORE Technology while you are teaching your class!
  • Rule #4: NO ONE is asking you to do every project in the TEKS Resource System. I just randomly picked 6th Grade History and there are THIRTY EIGHT Performance Assessments for the 6th Grade year.  That is more than one a week.  Honestly, I don’t think that the State of Texas believes anyone could do all of these and Friona ISD doesn’t think so either.  Pick and choose! It isn’t all or nothing, I promise!
  • Rule #5: There are some Performance Assessments that are already Technology based.  I haven’t looked at every PA in every subject area, but I’ve seen several as I’ve looked through the TRS.  Look through all your PAs and start with one that already includes Technology.  Then move on to adapting PAs that don’t use technology, then move on to your own creative projects. Once you get past the initial bout of fear, it becomes fun!



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