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Abigail Upton

iPad Specialist

Q. Why do the kids need iPads? 

A. The iPads are put in place to help enhance the students’ education. They make it possible to use technology in each and every classroom without having to wait for a cart or computer lab to open. It is easier to do homework for students who do not have access to technology or certain programs at home. 

Q. Does my child get an iPad?

A. As of the 2017-2018 school year each child grades 6-10 get iPads. Each and every year this program grows; check back at the end of the year to see if your child will get an iPad next year!

Q: What if my child’s iPad breaks?

A: It is my job to care for the iPads. I am on each 1:1 campus one day a week. If your child’s iPad is broken, please remind them to come and see me. My schedule is available if you click the link below.

Q: When does my child check their iPad out?

A: A few days before each school year we have iPad checkouts. If you need more information on those please attend the end of the year meeting, or email me.



Contact Info:

806-250-5900 – office